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Bamboo Motif Shaped Vase (Cream)

Bamboo Motif Shaped Vase (Cream)

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Lombok Ceramic Vases stand as exquisite and one-of-a-kind masterpieces meticulously crafted on the Lombok island.

Fashioned from terracotta, a distinct clay variety, these vases take on diverse forms and sizes. They are adorned with an array of patterns drawn from Indonesia's vibrant cultural heritage. These designs span from uncomplicated geometric arrangements to motifs found in nature. The colour palette features subdued tones - white, cream, and black.

The resulting products blend functionality with artistry, effectively serving as vessels for flowers, plants, or ornamental objects. Beyond their visual appeal, these vases boast sturdiness and a prolonged lifespan, rendering them suitable for both interior and exterior settings. Lombok Ceramic Vases eloquently showcase the time-honoured tradition of Indonesian pottery, highly cherished by collectors and aficionados alike.

Inner neck diameter: approximately 4cm
Dimensions: 30x14 (cm)
Materials: Terracotta

Important: The vases are not designed to hold water.

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