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Teacup Terrarium DIY Kit

Teacup Terrarium DIY Kit

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Send a little love with this DIY teacup terrarium!

- 1 Aloe, Cactus or Succulent
- Glass tea cup and saucer
19 x 12 x 10cm
- Sand
- Gravel (Red with Red moss, Grey with all other moss colours)
- Active Carbon
- Sphagnum Moss (locally harvested and treated)
- Potting mix
- White Gravel Top Layer
- Preserved Reindeer Moss in your chosen colour preference; (max 2)
Dark GreyWhiteRed (with love heart stick)YellowLight GreenDark GreenBlue and Pink
- Full Assembly Instructions
- Tool set
- Pipette
- Tamper
- Gloves

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